2013 Journal

I am committed to trusting that, when it is time, a new sort-of-monthly or six-weekly Journal "blog" will emerge and be posted here sharing tales of how these earlier learnings are continuing to shape the ways I deal with whatever unfolds in my everyday life.  One of the Rememberings and Celebrations Card will be posted with it.

I stop to sit down, reflect and write only when something deep inside calls me to it. The call is completely unpredictable, though usually it comes late at night and near the end or middle of the month - unless, sigh, it doesn’t because it’s not yet time to step out of the flow and look at it.


Early Reviews


Early reviews:
"This journal workbook could be one of the most important books you'll ever hold, because it will also hold you. Robyn Posin's words, unobtrusive thoughts and beautiful life-giving wisdom will be like a midwife for you, if you are anything like me, helping you gently bring forth your own truth, and being, and self. Take my advice--and a long deep breath--and begin the journey of a lifetime."

– Anne Lamott, New York Times bestselling author of Stitches; Help, Thanks, Wow; Traveling Mercies and many others.

“Every woman I know would benefit from journaling; and, more especially, from Robyn’s inspirational journal Journaling to Kindle Gentleness and Compassion for Our Precious Selves.

As someone who has kept a journal for over 40 years, I appreciate the loving reminders to rest and replenish, to soothe and stay with the fearful parts, and to create a compassionate internal environment where transformation can occur. While the pages are blank, Robyn's reminders in their corners and edges can be a gateway to greater self-acceptance, and a catalyst for exploring all aspects of one’s heart, mind, and spirit. With Robyn as a guide, the journey feels profoundly safe and loving.”

Nicole Urdang, M.S., NCC, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine,
Holistic Psychotherapist, Buffalo, N.Y.