Wonderful Resources

Wonderful Resources

www.compassionateink.com nourishing words and images for Robyn's collection of notecards, post cards, poster cards and amulets celebrating going slowly, compassionately embracing all of our feelings, nurturing the Little Ones Inside and honoring the Sacred Feminine are available here. They’ve emerged from her dedicated life-long journey of healing (and helping others heal) from the harshness that our crazy-making world visits upon all of us, especially women. 

www.planetsark.com the magical, juicy, rainbow world of the amazing SARK and her jubilant wisdom...a place full of YES! In her own words: “Planet SARK exists as a practical, transformational resource for those creative, courageous, joyful beings who are responding to the calling of their soul.”

www.overcomingovereating.com  offers encouraging articles, live chat, resources and FAQ about the Overcoming Overeating approach – incredibly inspiring food for rethinking all the complexities of our relationships with our food, our eating and our bodies.

www.traumahealed.com: Sonia Connolly's writings offer rich encouragement, support and experiential processes for becoming more familiar and comfortable with all of our feelings. Living at some distance from Sonia, I've never experienced and so can’t speak for her hands-on healing work. Her words, however, are a gift!

www.karendrucker.com visit this miraculous, magnificient woman's site to order her extraordinary Songs of the Spirit and other inspiring, nourishing CD's. Her voice and words and music will touch your soul, bring you to tears and set your heart and feet to dancing!

www.holisticdivorce.wordpress.com. Nicole Urdang's absolutely marvelous web site/blog space provides an awesome array of resources and writings that offer the kinds of emotional, physical and spiritual support that she wished were available for herself in the middle of this arduous journey.

www.bonesigharts.com Terri St. Cloud's extraordinary site is filled with cards, quotes, a blog, newsletter, weekly recordings and free downloads all about healing from the feminine: she writes "it is my desire to learn to open my heart, listen to it, follow it and offer it to the world. If you'd care to join me on the journey, I would be honored to travel side by side, steadying each other as we stumble, rejoicing with each other as we progress, and reminding each other as we go that each moment is sacred."

www.rescuinglittlel.wordpress.com Laurel Lewis' heartful blog is filled with healing tales from a survivor of childhood abuse. It's full of juicy links to other similar blogs and inspiring websites. Laurel writes: "We feel that abuse in all forms should be brought into the light with the hopes of releasing the shame from its victims."

www.innersolutions.net  Andrea Wachter and Marcea Marcus have created an amazing site filled with resources, blogs, a question and answer section and a wide array of articles that offer hope and support for healing from food and eating issues in all their manifestations

www.CherylRainfield.com Cheryl’s site offers loving, helpful articles and resources for survivors of abuse and those dealing with self-harming. A brave, wise, gifted writer and survivor of extreme abuse, Cheryl writes acclaimed young adult fiction “for those people who've been through the same and similar experiences I've been through, to tell them you're not alone, there is hope, you can get through this...to help other people understand what it's like, to increase compassion…I write the books I needed as a teen and couldn't find.”