2013 Journal

I am committed to trusting that, when it is time, a new sort-of-monthly or six-weekly Journal "blog" will emerge and be posted here sharing tales of how these earlier learnings are continuing to shape the ways I deal with whatever unfolds in my everyday life.  One of the Rememberings and Celebrations Card will be posted with it.

I stop to sit down, reflect and write only when something deep inside calls me to it. The call is completely unpredictable, though usually it comes late at night and near the end or middle of the month - unless, sigh, it doesn’t because it’s not yet time to step out of the flow and look at it.


Procrastination or Something Else?

Is it really “Procrastination” or is it something else entirely?

When we don’t seem to be able to get to doing something we or others think we should be doing in what we or they think is a timely manner, we and/or they call it procrastinating. A behavior we all unquestionably view as worthy of criticism; a fault sorely in need of being corrected. But, what happens if we look at this not-being-able-to-do some particular thing as an important message from our deep self?

Many of us already get and accept that angry, nasty or mean-spirited thoughts/feelings arise in us when something not-good-for-us is going on. When these feelings flood us, we’ve learned to consider them as signals/messages from within our deeps asking us to look for what it is in what’s happening that we need to address, communicate about or remove our selves from.

What we call “procrastinating” can be looked at in the very same light. Namely, when we can’t seem to get our selves in gear to do some particular thing, instead of criticizing our selves (or accepting anyone else’s criticism) about this behavior, we look for what message our deep (authentic) self might be trying to give us.

Experience teaches me, over and over again, that when I’m not getting to something I (or others) think I should be doing, it’s either the wrong time for me to be doing it or, sometimes, the wrong thing for me to be doing at all.  When I embrace my not-doing behavior compassionately – with curiosity and inquiry instead of criticism – I always learn something important about my own needs. With this information, I can take better care of me and be more mindful in making commitments to others

See what you think and consider trying this re-framing the next time you’re giving your self a bad time about not yet getting to something you (or someone else or the world-in-general) think you should already have been doing.

It’s important to remember that what our culture calls the socialization process is quite often a curriculum that teaches us to ignore our inner knowings in order to behave in “socially acceptable” ways. This ignoring always damages us, moving us off our center. Our work is to honor these inner truths and find ways to walk them creatively and safely out in the world.

Early Reviews


Early reviews:
"This journal workbook could be one of the most important books you'll ever hold, because it will also hold you. Robyn Posin's words, unobtrusive thoughts and beautiful life-giving wisdom will be like a midwife for you, if you are anything like me, helping you gently bring forth your own truth, and being, and self. Take my advice--and a long deep breath--and begin the journey of a lifetime."

– Anne Lamott, New York Times bestselling author of Stitches; Help, Thanks, Wow; Traveling Mercies and many others.

“Every woman I know would benefit from journaling; and, more especially, from Robyn’s inspirational journal Journaling to Kindle Gentleness and Compassion for Our Precious Selves.

As someone who has kept a journal for over 40 years, I appreciate the loving reminders to rest and replenish, to soothe and stay with the fearful parts, and to create a compassionate internal environment where transformation can occur. While the pages are blank, Robyn's reminders in their corners and edges can be a gateway to greater self-acceptance, and a catalyst for exploring all aspects of one’s heart, mind, and spirit. With Robyn as a guide, the journey feels profoundly safe and loving.”

Nicole Urdang, M.S., NCC, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine,
Holistic Psychotherapist, Buffalo, N.Y.

Lightening Speed!!

Nov 14 revised Go Only Cover_Reduced.jpg

Go Only As Fast As Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go, with its wonderful bright cover, is now back up and available for ordering on the Amazon site.

Jumping up and down with excitement. If all goes well Tenderly Embracing All the Ways that I Feel and Am, the companion bound journaling book should be released later this week!!!

It is Happening!!

We’re almost there!  It’s sooooo exciting we can hardly believe it:

The final files for Tenderly Embracing All the Ways that I Feel and Am, journaling-book-to-be are on their way to CreateSpace. If everything in the proof looks good, we hope to press the publish button mid-week with the book available on Amazon within a day! Pretty amazing! By this time next week you could have it in hand.

While it can stand alone, it’s a wonderful companion to Go Only as Fast as Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go: Tales to Kindle Gentleness and Compassion for Our Exhausted Selves. The gentle, loving words and images that frame Tenderly’s blank pages invite you to dive deeply into listening to and embracing your authentic self. They also open doorways into exploring further whatever the tales in the first book stirred within you.

In the middle of this we are updating the cover of Go Only as Fast as Your Slowest Part Feels Safe to Go, so if you visit Amazon to purchase this book in these next 2 days, you’ll find that it is “unavailable.” The revised edition should be available for purchase by Tuesday or Wednesday, November 19-20..

If you LIKE us on Facebook (Compassionate Ink) or send an email to info@compassionateink.com, you’ll be notified of the release as it happens.

The Grandmothers are doing their magic in the world:

From Katrina: “While perusing a stack of vintage postcards purchased from a thrift store, a bookmark fell out: ‘It's important to let yourself make room for you to feel WHATEVER YOU'RE FEELING, particularly when your own mind, or anyone else's, thinks that what you're feeling is unreasonable, extreme, immature, ridiculous, silly, or not like you!’ That was EXACTLY what I've been needing to hear and be reminded of right now. I'm going through some difficult circumstances and I'm often afraid to trust my own intuition and instinct.”

From Kate: “…a mom is sharing the Rememberings and Celebrations Cards with her two daughters, 6 & 9. How amazing to think about what it would have been like to be better equipped, early on, with self trust, boundaries, and awareness? Awesome to consider!”






The journey tale from which this learning emerged can be found by clicking on the card.  Following the link at the bottom of the tale will take you to more stories from Taking More Gentle Care of Our Selves pathway.